Our Dental Technology

The Wand

The wand is a computer assisted anesthesia system that allows nearly painless single tooth numbing, that wears off quickly and more comfortable than traditional injections.

Digital Dental Radiographs

Dental radiographs reveal small hidden areas of decay between teeth or below existing restorations, bone infections, gum disease, abscesses and developmental abnormalities that can not be detected with visual examinations.

Digital dental radiographs can be viewed instantly on any computer screen, manipulated to enhance contrast and detail. Because we use digital radiographs we have eliminated chemical processing thereby presenting a “greener” and eco-friendly alternative. In addition, digital sensors require 50-80% less radiation than traditional film.

Intraoral Camera

Dental imaging is a foundation of oral health diagnostics. Intra-oral cameras play a key role in office imaging, with many dentists using intra-oral cameras to detect the tiniest grooves, pits, cracks, and carries. Using a chairside unit and hand-held photographic wand, dentists can acquire images of the teeth from angles not previously available. These images can be used in treatment planning and also stored digitally for quick reference and easy transfer between care providers.

Digital Scanner/Itero

Safe – During scanning process there is no harmful radiation emitted thus being safe to the patient being treated.

Accurate – The scanner produces and captures the exact shape and contours of your teeth enabling us to give appropriate and accurate treatment.

Comfort – Unlike the old impression technique which was quite messy and time consuming. This technique has proved to be quite comfortable as the patient’s teeth are being scanned in a matter of minutes.

Easy communication with the patient – When performing this procedure on patients, we are able to show patients pictures and information regarding their teeth and treatment.